Dental Implants in Antalya

Perla Dental Center offers professional medical assistance in the placement of dental implants to both foreign patients and patients residing in Turkey in Antalya. With our experienced dentists, we use the latest technologies and protocols to help you start smiling again with confidence. Many patients from all over the world come to our clinic in Antalya. You can choose the dates according to your needs to travel and get dental treatment in Antalya. We will meet you at Antalya airport and take care of all necessary transfer bookings between the clinic and the hotel and arranging the trip to Antalya.


Why Choose Perla Dental Centre?

State-of-the-art equipment is used while providing dental services at Perla Dental Center in Antalya. In addition, our dentists and staff who speak good English will provide you with the dental treatment you need. Our physicians in our clinic are well-trained, expert and experienced in their fields. Patients who come to our clinic for dental implants feel good, calm and comfortable thanks to our professional team.

Types of Implants in Antalya

Turkey is one of the world leaders in providing dental treatment, thanks to international funding and the steady development of local dentistry. Located in Antalya, Perla Dental Center offers a wide range of dental services to its patients coming from abroad.

Dental implants are made of titanium. It blends perfectly with the titanium body and has unrivaled anti-corrosion properties. In addition, the properties of titanium are almost equal to human bone tissue. The types of implants are as follows;

  • Contemporary dentistry uses root-shaped implants. They resemble threaded rollers and even to some extent resemble self-tapping screws. The shape of such implants is very similar to the natural tooth, which allows them to perform at their best. Sometimes implantation can only be done after jaw bone density has improved.

  • The second type of implant includes dental implants, which are fitted in the case of an extremely thin jawbone. The structure is fixed under the gum, between the bone and the periosteum (the dense connective tissue layer that covers the surface of the tooth root). Such implants occupy a fairly large area, which allows them to securely hold the prosthesis in place.

  • The third type of implant is used if the root of the tooth is preserved. The implant is inserted into the bone tissue from the top of the root, which helps to significantly shorten the post-implantation recovery time.


Services Provided at Antalya Perla Dental Center

  • Advice

  • Panoramic X-Ray

  • Dentist's Time and Job

  • Free Transfer (airport, hotel, clinic)

  • Local Anesthetics

  • Antibiotics, Painkillers, mouthwashes etc.

  • Laboratory Fees

  • Free Hotel Accommodation (Hotel Bed & Breakfast)


How Perla Dental Center Will Help You?

  1. We will help you with the best price option. At our dental clinics in Antalya, each patient is given an individual offer (dental implantation technique, system, manufacturer and price) based on the results of visual examination and 3D scans.

  2. We will help you prepare for the procedure. Thorough preparation is one of the key points of successful dental implantation. We take it very seriously and perform the surgery only after we confirm that the condition of the teeth and oral cavity and the general health of the patient meet all the necessary requirements.

  3. We will deliver your treatment at the highest technical level. We use implant systems produced by the world's most reliable manufacturers, meticulously apply the selected protocol, offer contemporary anesthetic solutions and control the position of the dental implant. Complete stability of the construction during chewing and 100% aesthetics is our ultimate goal.

  4. We will provide you with guidelines for post-implant care. Much depends on whether the surgery was performed without technical flaws. However, it is also very important to follow the doctor's recommendations after the intervention and until the complete survival of the prosthesis. We provide detailed instructions on how to care for the implants and monitor the patient's condition after the procedure. If the patient has any questions, we are always ready to provide the necessary assistance.


Implant Replacement Stages

  1. Diagnostic phase. At this stage, our professional dentists examine the patient, ask questions about his health status and preferences, take a panoramic dental x-ray and formulate the diagnosis. Additional medical examination may be performed if necessary. Then doctors prepare a treatment plan, choose the most suitable implant brand and decide on the implantation system.

  2. Preparation stage. At this point, our dentists conduct a comprehensive examination: They take tomography, perform laboratory tests, make sure that there are no contraindications and consult the relevant specialists if necessary. At this stage, doctors also sanitize the oral cavity and, if necessary, treat diseases of the gums and mucous membranes.

  3. Dental implant surgery. Implants are inserted under local anesthesia, the whole procedure takes 1-2 hours. Implantation can be combined with tooth extraction (both procedures are done on the same day).

  4. Impression reception. After the artificial roots are placed, they are covered with transition elements called abutments. Such elements will then be used to hold the implants.

  5. Implantation. Placement of implants usually takes 1-1.5 hours (depending on the complexity of the case). Implants are immediately loaded with a temporary acrylic prosthesis that perfectly mimics the aesthetics of natural teeth.

  6. Osseointegration . Implants need to fit well to the bone and this process takes an average of 6 months.

  7. Installation of permanent dental implants. After the osseointegration is completed, the temporary acrylic prosthesis is replaced with a permanent ceramic or zirconium prosthesis. It is absolutely painless, serves for many years, has eye-catching aesthetics and allows you to eat whatever you want.


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