Laminate Treatment and Vacation Opportunity in Turkey

Veneers, also known as laminates, are a permanent technique to improve your smile. High-quality coatings are resistant to damage and staining. However, this treatment is quite expensive abroad. This is the reason why many patients seek more suitable dental clinics abroad. Turkey is among the leaders in international medical tourism, as dental treatment services in Turkey have a good reputation and the services here are affordable.


How Much Does Coatings Cost in Turkey?

Tooth veneer treatment price depends on the veneer type and quantity. In other words, if the patient makes more than one coating at the same time, the treatment will be more costly. The quality of the material to be used in the coating also affects the cost of the procedure. Although resin coatings are very suitable, they are not suitable for long-term use. Ceramic and porcelain veneers are more expensive but more durable and natural looking. The cost of dental veneers in Turkey generally includes the veneers themselves, their installation and additional services that make traveling to Turkey easier.

Why is Coating Cost Lower in Turkey?

The costs of dental treatment services in Turkey are lower than in other countries. The Turkish government gives subsidies to medical centers that allow them to purchase medical supplies without increasing the price of dental treatments. As a result, patients can receive dental procedures of equivalent quality to UK dental services at a lower price.


Are There Different Types of Coatings in Turkey?

There are many types of coatings in Turkey. The most popular of these types of coatings can be divided into two categories. These; composite and porcelain.

Composite: A composite coating is made of resin. It is a synthetic polymer material that does not require fabrication in the laboratory, so a composite coating can be made and installed in a single day. Composite resin is not durable and can stain easily, so it is often used as a temporary solution.

Porcelain: A porcelain veneer is made from one of many porcelain materials. Zirconia and Emax are the most popular today. These veneers are durable and very similar to enamel, a natural material that coats teeth.

Overview of Dental Veneers Packages

When you buy a veneer treatment in Turkey, you get a package deal along with many other services. For example, you will receive a hotel stay and a transfer from the airport. Because our clinic cooperates with these services, the price of the included services is not as high as when you purchase them separately. X-ray scanning, anesthesia, consultation and check-up prices are also included in the package.

How Long Should I Stay in Turkey for Veneers?

Porcelain veneers must be produced after the first visit to the medical center, so they cannot be worn on the same day. Generally, during the first appointment, doctors will scan your teeth and prepare them for veneer installation. Your veneers will be installed at the next appointment.

How Long Do Coatings From Turkey Last?

Ceramic coatings can last more than fifteen years. After installation, our doctors will advise you on veneer care. Proper maintenance is essential to ensure long service times.

Is It Safe to Have Veneers in Turkey?

There is no need to worry as veneer installation is generally not an invasive procedure. Turkish clinics must meet strict government standards in order to obtain a license that guarantees high quality.

Best Place to Get Veneers in Turkey

Perla Dental Center is a clinic that has performed many successful dental treatments, both cosmetic and functional, for its patients. Located in Antalya, Perla Dental Center offers its patients both high standards of service and reasonable prices. You can have a wonderful holiday during your dental treatment in Antalya, the most popular holiday destination in Turkey and the world. Antalya's historical and cultural structure, magnificent nature, dozens of blue flag beaches will give you an unforgettable holiday experience.


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