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"All-On-4™" dental implant treatment involves fixing acrylic crowns onto a denture, which in turn is attached to dental implants to provide an excellent cosmetic result. The acrylic coatings used are extremely durable and, unlike a normal prosthesis, blend the gingival color with the patient's own palate seamlessly, providing a perfect and comfortable fit. After the two-day treatment is completed, the patient will be able to return to his usual social life with a perfect smile.

Benefits of All-on-4 Dental Implants
  • Under normal conditions, implant and aesthetic treatment are completed within 2 days, saving patient costs and time.
  • Whether the patient needs tooth extraction or not, the treatment is completed within two days.
  • The solid bonding of the acrylic veneers to the implants ensures patient comfort and well-being.
  • This "All-On-4" treatment is available for patients with healthy bone structure and infection-free gums.
  • The dental hygiene regimen is simple and straightforward.
  • The final result will offer comfort and the aesthetically designed result will improve the patient's quality of life.
  • Patients with healthy bone structure and gums avoid extra costly treatments such as Sinus lift, Bone Graft and Membrane therapy.
  • The patient is free to replace their acrylic veneer with porcelain veneers at a later date.
  • The patient can say goodbye to uncomfortable and inappropriate dentures.
Who can apply the All On 4 implant technique?

All On 4 treatment can be applied to all patients who are edentulous (who have no teeth), who do not have any systemic disease that may prevent dental implant surgery, and who have sufficient bone mass.

What are the stages of All On 4 treatment?

First of all, a detailed clinical and radiological examination should be performed for the patients who are planned for All On 4 treatment. Appropriate planning is made for the patient by making measurements with computerized tomography (CT).
The All On 4 procedure consists of two parts, the surgical and dental prosthesis process. On the first day of the treatment, after 4 dental implants are applied to the patient, a temporary dental prosthesis is placed on the implants on the same day. Permanent dental prosthesis is applied to the patient 3 months later.

Will I have pain after the All on Four procedure?

As with every implant operation, there may be a certain amount of pain and swelling after the operation. However, these complaints can be easily controlled by taking the medications recommended by your doctor.


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